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The Association of Practising Pathologists


Life Membership

Membership Criteria


  • Should own or should be a working partner in a Laboratory Establishment.
  • Should be eligible to become a member of IAPM/DMA/IMA.
  • Should be Post Graduate in any stream of Laboratory Medicine.


  • The qualification of a life member shall be the payments of Rs.10,000/- at one occasion to the Society.
  • Should be eligible to become a member of IAPM.
  • The above membership fees are liable to enhancement as determined by the General Body from time to time.
  • Executive Committee may refuse or accept any applicant for membership without assigning any reason/reference to him.

Expulsion/ Termination of Membership

  • Executive Committee of the Society may expel any member from the Society on the following grounds: -
  • If the member works against the aims and objectives of the Society.
  • If the Member fails to attend three consecutive meeting of the General Body / Executive Committee without any intimation.
  • The reasons of expulsion shall be communicated to the expelled member later on.
  • The expelled member shall have a right to appeal before the General Body which may / may not be accepted.
  • The decision of the General Body shall be final.